I was asked in the very beginning of ricRACK who were the youth that ricRACK wanted to serve?  Was it the less fortunate? at risk? Little kids or teens? Girls or boys? Under-privileged? Economically deprived?

And I answered ALL children.

It makes my heart pitter patter to see youngsters sitting at a sewing machine, measuring out seam allowance, pinning fabrics together, and seeing a finished product.

I don’t want to discriminate or choose students based on anything.




I want sewing resources available for any and all children.I’d heard once that if you have the skills to sew, you could build a house.  And, I do believe that.  I think when your brain is learning the techniques to put materials together, measure, and fit, that information translates into so many other areas of building and construction. It’s great to know that we’re not just teaching sewing, but skills and thinking patterns that affect so many areas of life.We are grateful and humbled to be given the opportunity to teach.It’s one thing to say you want to teach kids how to sew, it’s another to do it. In 2017, we’re close to our 5 year anniversary, and still learn how to work and adapt to new and different students.  But, just as we started, we still keep our doors open to ALL youth.



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