One of the first community partners we were connected with was the Freret Neighborhood Center.  Through a friend, I heard they have a huge Halloween Block Party every year for the kids, and besides the food and games, they also do a costume giveaway.  I thought this was great and something that ricRACK would be able to help with.  ricRACK has lots of great costumer volunteers, and wants to help save clothing and costumes from the trash.  We sent out postcards to costume shops and  designers and asked for any unwanted costumes or costumey bits.  We married our collection with the leftover costumes from previous years partys, and donation boxes around town.  We sorted, and cleaned, and fixed, and organized all the costumes and accessories into big kids and little kids.  There was a tent outside for teens and the we used the center for babies through 10 year olds.  There were over a dozen ricRACK volunteers before, during, and after the event….which was just one night…a  Tuesday night, from 4-7pm.  In that time, we handed out just over 900 costumes.  There was barely a mask or princess tiara left. 

We continued to partner with the FNC for this event in 2013, 2014, and 2015, giving out hundreds more costumes.

Sadly, the FNC closed, and the goals for the parent company, NHS, had changed.

We have lots of kids costumes still stored, leftover from 2015, and are looking for a community center with a Halloween Party, that’s ready to add some ricRACK love! 

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